Month: August 2021

Tall Tales of Tech Trees

RJ Laverne introduced Michigan Tech’s weirdest tree with an even weirder anecdote from ancient times. The Kentucky coffee tree grows well almost everywhere, but it has a very limited range. Scientists think, says Laverne, that its seeds were once dispersed by seed pod–munching mastodons. Now, with no mastodons to spread it around, the occasional seed […] Continue reading "Tall Tales of Tech Trees"

Fun and Food Up the Keweenaw

WOK members Beth Flynn and Christa Walck welcomed chapter members to their homes skirting the west side of the Keweenaw Peninsula July 24 for a Show Me, Help Me visit. Beth has a magnificent fenced-in, deer-proof vegetable garden which is gradually getting shaded by a line of trees. Members encouraged her to plant natives in […] Continue reading "Fun and Food Up the Keweenaw"