WOK in the news


Daily Mining Gazette
April 23, 2024

Several WOK members transplanted seedlings into pots for our summer sales at the Keweenaw Land Trust offices on Earth Day. Also at the event, KLT volunteers transplanted seedlings for later planting on KLT lands. Garrett Neese wrote the article, “Plant for the Planet.”

Daily Mining Gazette
April 15, 2024

WOK member Kristiine Bradof appears in the front page article “Sprucing it Up,” by reporter Garrett Neese. Kristine joined WOK members Craig Waddell and Vicky Bergvall in tidying up WOK’s native garden at Kestner Park, part of the Houghton Beautification Committee’s spring cleaning effort.

Kristine showed off WOK’s garden sign and noted that by adding native plants, we’re supporting wildlife.

July 30, 2023

Reporter Colin Jackson ran this story on our first public native garden tour, which provided great publicity. See “Wild Ones Keweenaw Chapter to Host Native Garden Tour on Sunday.”

June 21, 2023

Reporter Colin Jackson covered our event honoring friend and fellow Wild One Kathe Salmi. See “Garden bench dedication ceremony held for Hancock resident Kathe Salmi.

Daily Mining Gazette,
June 1, 2023

Reporter Madeleine Smith interviewed WOK president Marcia Goodrich for her article about No Mow May, “Lawncare a Powerful Tool to Benefit Pollinators.”

Marquette Monthly, May 2023

Pam Christensen spoke with WOK treasurer Susan Miko for her article “Rite of Spring,” about public gardening efforts in the U.P. Susan, who is instrumental in beautifying Hancock, gave a plug for Wild Ones and mentioned the increased interest in native plants. The article begins on page 24.

Marquette Monthly, March 2023

Deborah Frontiera interviewed WOK members Marcia Goodrich and Suzanne Sharland and local native gardener Mark Jalkonen for her article “Cultivatiing the Wild: How Native Plant Gardens Help Local Ecosystems.” The article begins on page 55.

Copper Country Today, February 19, 2023

Houghton Community Broadcasting radio personality Todd VanDyke interviewed WOK president Marcia Goodrich on making your lawn and garden more environmentally friendly by using native plants. This Copper Country Today episode was broadcast on K-Bear 102 and 97.7 The Wolf and is available on Spotify.

Daily Mining Gazette, August 13, 2021

Reporter Chris Jaenig’s article “Keweenaw Wild Ones and Hancock Beautification Committee Planting Green Joy” covered the groups’ efforts to tidy up native plantings along Tezcuco Street, in Hancock.

Daily Mining Gazette,
June 22, 2021

Reporter Chris Jaenig’s article “Keweenaw Wild Ones: Sale, Lesson in Local Plants” publicized WOK’s plant sale and provided a great forum for explaining the value of native plants.