Planting Projects

Community gardening projects supported by Keweenaw Wild Ones

Hancock Beach Bioswale

This large bioretention basin was built 2012 to capture runoff from the Hancock Beach parking lot. Originally planted to natives, it was not managed until around 2017. Then the Hancock Beautification Group adopted it and began restoring it to its former glory. In the meantime, Keweenaw Wild Ones has partnered with the HBG, weeding and adding many more natives. These improvements have been funded by the City of Hancock.

Tezcuco Strip

This challenging strip of land lies next to the sidewalk on Tezcuco Street, Hancock, above Porvoo Park. The late Kathe Salmi, pictured, spearheaded the effort to establish a native garden here. Funded in 2021 by the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition and with ongoing support from the City of Hancock, WOK has planted hundreds of natives along this rugged strip. Our aim it to establish an attractive pollinator corridor. The Hancock Beautification Group and student volunteers have given generously of their time and backs to this project.

Kestner Park Native Garden

In 2022 , the Houghton Beautification Group was looking for help to maintain its extensive plantings. WOK stepped in and adopted this garden located at a high-traffic entrance to Houghton’s busiest park. This spot provides a great opportunity to showcase the value of native plants. WOK volunteers have been weeding the site and are transitioning it to a predominantly native garden.

Northern Lights Clubhouse

Northern Lights Clubhouse in Hancock is community of people who are working together toward recovery from mental illness. Coached by Wild One Polly Havins, they are undertaking a meticulous, step-by-step effort to turn a weedy patch by their Hancock building into a native garden. Members have chosen appropriate native plants for their garden area, developed a design, and are starting plants from seed. In spring and summer 2023, they will install their plants and possibly consider expanding their garden area.

Hecla Cemetery

WOK member Ruth Gleckler has long been the guardian angel of this inactive cemetery, which is located in the middle of a Laurium neighborhood. With other Wild Ones, she is evaluating the site and will be planting a native garden over a gravesite in summer 2023.

Nara Chalet Native Plant Demonstration Garden

Our chapter is working with the Carnegie Museum of the Keweenaw to develop a native plant demonstration garden by the Nara Chalet, a popular hiking area south of Houghton. The museum has received a $1,250 grant from the Wildflower Association of Michigan to purchase plants.