Pictures from an Expedition

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Moments from our Lake Glazon adventure

The Lake Glazon Nature Area, eight miles north of Eagle Harbor, has about 1,100 feet of Lake Superior shoreline. On its 26 acres, you can hike, explore, and scramble around on rocks. It features interesting geology, such as cobble beaches far inland, evidence that the big lake shoreline moves around more than you might think.

Keweenaw Wild Ones (left to right, back) Valorie Troesch, Susan Miko, Beth Flynn, Christa Walck, and (behind the bush) Lynne Robertson joined Keweenaw Land Trust program manager Jill Fisher (front) for a ramble July 17, 2022, on this KLT property.

A highlight was scrambling around on the ancient basalt outcroppings along the lakeshore.

A surprising number of flowers and other plants eke out a living in the cracks and crevices in the basalt. Here’s a wood lily; it was the first time many of us had ever seen one.

Sorry about the blurry photo. This is a species of goldenrod we saw making a living in these depauperate conditions. Life finds a way.

Here’s another lovely little plant, a cinquefoil, tucked into the rock.

And here’s a rattlesnake plantain, a species of orchid usually found in the woods. Those are strawberry leaves at the top of the photo.

A gorge cutting into the basalt shoreline at Lake Glazon. Wear good shoes when you visit and watch your step.

Susan Miko stepping out, followed by Jill Fisher.

Jill Fisher giving Keweenaw Wild Ones a short primer on the botany of this unusual site. Thank you, Jill, for leading this delightful adventure!