O Tannenbaum: WOK Decorates for Festival of Trees

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When WOK member Rebecca Glotfelty invited us to participate in the Keweenaw Storytelling Center’s Festival of Trees, there was no shortage of willing volunteers. But how to you decorate a tree without relying on all that fancy holiday bling? After all, Wild Ones is all about native plants, birds, and bugs. Shiny stuff? Not so much.

Nevertheless, it all came together, with jingle bells on. Several other nonprofits are also decorating for the Festival of Trees, and you can vote for your favorite with dollars, which support the organization. Check out the photos below, and if you can, please vote for our tree if you have a chance!

Beth Flynn looks on as Kristine Bradof methodically places milkweed fluff in the Christmas tree branches. It proved a remarkably soft and gentle substitute for angel hair, that spun glass stuff that can irritate your skin and eyes.

This bee painting was done by WOK member Judy Foster, who provided several miniatures for the tree. The chickadee is courtesy of Lynne Robertson.

Erin Gustafson, Kristine, and Karen Cayce decorating the tree. Erin donated the lights and spend several stressful minutes getting them all lit. As you can see, her efforts paid off.

One of Lynne’s ladybugs clings to a milkweed pod. Below are dried seedheads of grass-leaved goldenrod, courtesy of Marcia Goodrich. Danna Olsen provided the wooden beads. An origami crane by Beth Flynn is tucked in on the left.

A butterfly from Lynne takes a breather.

Beth folded this origami crane nestled amidst the milkweed fluff.

Yes, our tree has a baby owl. We should win the Festival of Trees just for that.

Danna, Karen, Lynne, Kristine, Beth, and Judy with our amazing tree. Not pictured are Erin, Marcia . . . and Rebecca, who got us set up with this nice white spruce and chased down a big bouquet of milkweed pods for the tree topper. Thanks, Rebecca!