A walk in the woods

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Keweenaw Wild Ones and friends go for a ramble at the Robert Brown Plant Preserve during the summer solstice, June 21, 2023, the longest day of the year.

What we came for! One of many little stands of pink lady’s slippers. We were grateful they were still blooming, since it’s been a very dry June.

What we also found. A lovely pitcher plant that had just begun blooming.

Keweenaw Wild Ones and friends gather at the landing near the bog.

Laborador tea, one of many plants here that only grow in special places. It favors boggy, acidic conditions. You can ID it by the brown fuzz on the underside of its leaves.

These teeny weeny little red plants covered with hairs and tipped with dew are sundews. Like the pitcher plant, they are carnivorous, trapping and digesting insects. Bogs are nutrient-poor, so these plants have figured out a way to supplement their diets.

Lots of cool stuff to look at at the bog.

A happy little cluster of bunchberries in bloom.

Before we left, we gathered to save the moment in pictures.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped make this a perfect walk in the Keweenaw woods.